Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharing with the turkey ...

The turkey has been spending time in the back yard and for good reason: wild strawberries. Strawberries that I thought I'd pick for myself, but after careful consideration decided not to make bones about it seeing how I have other resources and s/he probably doesn't. I'm happy the turkey can enjoy such a wonderful treat.

This afternoon I took a stroll to see if there were any spoils left and lo! I picked enough for a single shortcake. Lovely. Free for the picking and a hundred mosquito bites. Worth it though. There's more flavor in one of these 1/4" lovelies than in a whole pint of those cardboard-tasting things sold in the supermarket. Oh, happy, happy. I will go out again later this week to see if there's more.
The act of picking these tiny berries has some commonality with crafting. After the first few berries a thought crosses the mind, "This is going to take forever!" But with perserverence, a place I call the "zone" arrives and time melts away. Pleasantness reigns and the process becomes fulfilling. It can even be difficult to pull oneself away from this natural high. Such it was this afternoon.

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  1. An intoxicating high....apt words for a glorious experience. Could almost smell your bowl of red berried deliciousness. Happy you were able to rescue your jewels from the turkeys. The only way we can get wild berries this luscious is to leave them growing in the perennial beds if found among the day lilies.


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