Sunday, July 7, 2013

TdF... I missed it...

I missed Tour de Fleece this year! Bummer. A few weeks ago I was reminded of it and thought I might manage it, but the starting date came and I had forgotten. A few days into it I thought of making a mad dash and hopping in, but the truth is I have SO much to do what with the new house, etc., etc., so I decided to sit this one out. I'll be all the more gung-ho and raring to go next year.

The list of projects-to-start-and-finish is rather lengthy at the moment. I'm currently absorbed in re-doing the bathroom at the top of the stairs. I like it better than the one downstairs because it has a shower stall instead of a tub, and seeing how I never take baths (don't quote me out of context!!) it suits me better. Besides that it seems bigger. It's disadvantage is it has no windows. I'm thinking of getting a ventless fan for it, should help a little. Anyhoo, I can't do a remodel at this time--$$--so I decided simply to do a make-over.

It was 100% panelling in there and not just ugly panelling: UGLY panelling. So with ~$60 worth of supplies I locked myself in for 5 hours a few Saturdays ago and painted and papered.

Before (I almost forgot to take 'before' pics as you can see that I'd already started painting):

After the paint and paper:

As you can see, I need to finish painting over the shower stall.

I had planned to have some ceramic tiles installed for the floor. There were some nice blue ones in the bargain bin at less than $3 a tile (12" sq.) so I thought that would be nice and had them come over to give me an estimate. The room is not very large so we're not talking about a slew of tiles. Nonetheless I was shocked at the estimate for installing them. Cannot see myself forking over that much money for such a small space for a make-over. I have yet to get other estimates and may even wait. I've taken a fancy to painting a faux rug on the floor and I spent a couple hours today doing just that. It's not finished so I won't have pics until tomorrow.

I haven't even started on the out-of-doors yet! So till next year, TdF. It's OK, I'm spinning anyway!! Today I wound the warp for my new hand-spun stole and got some more time in on the Great One.

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