Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Great! ...

I could no longer resist. What can I say? I succumbed. Can you blame me? I'd seen it sitting there every time I visited the shop since arriving here two months ago. The longer it sat the more it's price dropped--down, down, down. So for $99 I have obtained a Great Wheel... and it's BIG, coming up to my nose and 7 feet long at least. Here it is out in the entry room--the only place I have room for it!
It wasn't in perfect shape: The accelerator is missing, as is one of the small posts that would hold it in place. No matter--the wheel can still be set up in direct drive mode which is what I've done. On my future junk store, thrift store, antique store jaunts I'll be keeping an eye out for an accelerator. The accelerator is simply an intermediate pulley system that makes the spindle twirl even faster than it does now. Given the huge ratio between the wheel and spindle it zips right along even on direct drive.
It's pretty exciting and a little intimidating seeing how I've never spun on one of these until today. I put clothes line bearings on to hold the spindle. Will continue to experiment with braided corn husks for this function but I gave up on that for today. The small nails that should hold the braids weren't doing a secure enough job. I've since picked up a few more tips on this from Ravelry and will try them. I'd rather use corn husks, seems more authentic.
The drive band is simply cotton string that I coated with some of my cello rosin. I tried to use raffia and also twine. Neither were suitable enough, though I wouldn't mind more experiments with the raffia.
This wheel may be the answer to my exercise dilemma! One stands at this wheel and there is a constant shuffle backward and forward. Better than sitting, even if only a little!
I spun on it for about half an hour this evening. Really quite loads of fun. It makes a wonderful purring noise and the spinning goes fast.
Golly! Who'd a thought it?
I brought it into the living room when I arrived home with it, not yet knowing where to put it. Here it is in that room to give you an idea of it's size.
You can see on the floor in front of it is the granny square afghan. It is done! At this hour it is out on the chair in the entry room drying from it's bath this afternoon. Finished pics in the next day or so. :)


  1. I sure can't blame you, Bernard, for succumbing!!! Congrats on your newest spinning purchase. Glad you are already having fun with it.
    We have had one for many years. Needs major cleaning and I have to get it all aligned etc but hope I can spin on it again some time. Always found it a joy to use. No place right now to keep it set up. :(

  2. Wow, that is GREAT! You are really enjoying your new environs, aren't you?


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