Monday, July 29, 2013

Collaboration ...

Well, this is exciting! Last month, visiting the Plymouth farmer's market, I spied a skein of yarn that had been handspun by a 12-year old girl from nearby. Her family own alpacas, make soap, sell bread, eggs, etc. Last Thursday, on my 2nd visit to the market, I spied the same skein of yarn... and snatched it up! I didn't have much cash with me the first time I saw it or I would have bought it then. Better late than never, no?

So I'm knitting her yarn into a scarf which I plan to take to the market Thursday to show her the fruits of her labors all knit up. Sweet fun.

I will also mention that she and her sisters sell pies and cookies at the General Store in Rumney. !!! Smile.

Too, in fiber news, I'm weaving on the handspun stole. Loving it...

I was a bit ticked off to find a smidge of moth damage in some of my handspun. Grrr. I need to find the right herbal recipe to ward them off. At the moment I'm using a cedar spray made for refreshing cedar wood blocks. I think it's working because I'm not seeing the little winged wool munchers much these days. However, the piano tuner was here Saturday morning (finally!) and he found moth damage on some felts. I will need to have those attended to in the near future. I suspect this damage happened before I moved as I did have a few bouts with moths while in NY. I'm resigned to they being a fact of life, I just need to find a way to keep them off the grass so to speak!

Critters! I love 'em but can't they just leave my wool alone? Is that too much to ask in exchange for roaming privileges?

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