Monday, July 29, 2013

Land of fairy tales...

Some of the surrounding towns certainly have that characteristic about them. They are so very picturesque, quaint and charming. Hebron is one such town. I went to it's village fair on Saturday--which I almost missed until a sales clerk in Plymouth reminded me about it Saturday morning. A wonderful affair: Dozens of craft booths and food in a fairy tale setting. I picked up some more hand made soaps and also brought home a new oil painting for the dining room. The drive to and fro was beautiful also.
(As always, click pictures to enlarge.)

The Groton Historical Society had a booth there and the display was totally fascinating! The part of town I'm in is officially known as North Groton. These days North Groton is a forested residential area (with plenty of space between residences). What I found out on Saturday is that North Groton used to have a town center, complete with general store and church, and it was not forested as it is now. I found a picture of the old church online in the form of a postcard: North Groton Church. So very New England in appearance.
The area was a mining center, something I was already aware of, but the pictures on display in the Historical Society's booth made it clear how important mica was to the area. One of the big ones was Palermo No. 1 mine which is just a few miles from my place. There is an impressive list of minerals found at the mine: Palermo No. 1
I obtained the phone number of the woman who maintains the Historical Society's museum which is housed in the old one-room school house down the road. Can't wait to make an appointment to spend some time there perusing the fascinating history of this area.

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