Saturday, April 19, 2014

Well hippie me! ...

I think it looks a bit hippie-ish. I put the necklace on just to enhance the effect.

This, of course, is my sampler for the linen shirt I wish to make. I think I will make a few more before tackling the linen. There were definitely some challenges in this here shirt.

Firstly, I modified the pattern. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I purchased a size small--thought the pattern I bought contained all sizes within it. It didn't. So I wasn't sure where to add the extra fabric for my girth, and somehow decided to add 4" across the back and take in 1" of that in a pleat, center back. It worked! The shirt fits comfortably and "sits" well. Who knew?

The collar was a particular challenge. It is the feature I am least happy with, although I don't think it's bad. There was an issue at the front of the collar where the seam seemed to be too short. I don't know if it will wear well at that point.

The sleeves! Surely professional tailors, those on Savile Row and elsewhere, creating bespoke shirts of the highest caliber, must cast a magic spell on their fabric before "easing" it in. "Easing"--it sounds so innocent. Now on the list of classes to take is one that will show me the inner secrets of "easing" a sleeve into it's socket.

The cuffs are the feature I'm happiest about. They took very little "easing" and came out spiffy.

The fabric of course, is a little stiff for a shirt, being quilting cotton. But hey, it was only an experiment for a sampler. I'll be off to the store soon to buy some nice shirt fabric. Oh dear.

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