Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few recommendations... continued....

Purl Soho
459 Broome Street (between Mercer & Green)

Bigger than their last digs. Recently found out they carry Appleton tapestry yarn hence my sojourn this afternoon! I had plenty of time to browse and found that they are also carrying rug hooking wool!!!! I couldn't believe it. A very nice stock of yarns, needlepoint floss and wool, some embroidery, fabrics, canvas, felt, notions. I only have one gripe: they should lose the table that's in front of the cashiers... what's that doing there!

Brooklyn General
128 Union St. (in Carrol Gardens or Red Hook--depending on whether you're buying or selling! ;) )

Great selection of yarns. Wonderfully personable staff. The kind of place you want to enter and somehow be locked in for a few hours. (It's right around the corner from my cello teacher, how dangerous is that!) Big selection, needlepoint, embroidery, frabric, wool for spinning, notions.

Ideal Music
150 West 22nd St. (2nd floor... or is it the 3rd?)

One of the oldest music stores in NYC. Strings. Where I purchased my cello upon my teacher's recommendation. The owner gave me a very nice deal. She's a sweetie.

Frank Music Company
250 West 54th St., 10th floor

I think Frank's is less well known because they don't have a storefront. In fact, when you get off the elevators on 10, there isn't even a store to browse. Frank's is a counter, very much like a library, where you request what you want and they fetch it for you from their stacks. One of the few sheet music stores left in the city.

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