Saturday, March 26, 2011

Needlepoint... tapestry wool

I went to pick up some more tapestry wool this afternoon and couldn't help but wonder about the high price. This picture shows the loot I left the store with, each skein being about 10 yds. This purchase of appx. 443 yds. comes close to $100 (including NY tax). Pretty pricey. I can only think this must be due to the extremely high number of colors offered. What's pictured here is just a smidgen of the color range available. To be fair, this is a good quality yarn: Appleton from London. 'Tis very pretty though, isn't it! :)

Speaking of $$, aren't canvases expensive! Understandably so. The canvas I'm working now was handpainted by me so the only cost involved was my time... and it was time spent in the backyard in nice weather with a glass of wine and some munchies so it was spent quite enjoyably! I have seen very few canvases larger than 8x10 for anything less than $100. I'll be painting my own for the foreseeable future. The Strand book store is a great place to pick up wonderful needlepoint books, full of exquisite patterns, at at least half price. So I don't mind spending a little extra on the yarn.

I will say, however, that I'm getting a brain wave... might try spinning my own tapestry yarn and/or I might try dyeing some of the beee-utiful New Friesien ( ) yarn I've been picking up at the farmer's market.

I'll post a pic of my work in progress one of these days.

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