Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knit-wise... The other sweater

It was quite lovely here in NYC today: mid 70s, and it really felt nice. I opened the windows a bit and let some stale winter air float away. It's not deterring me from fiber works though. I can knit and spin wool all summer, albeit knitting with sweaty hands is a bit more of a challenge than normal. I just don't tension the yarn around so many fingers. In fact in hot humid weather I just let the yarn flow directly between my index and third finger with no tension at all... the humidity on my hands keeps it tensioned.

Haven't mentioned it yet, but I've been working on another sweater besides the Portuguese Fisherman's for which I'm spinning some Shetland. The other sweater is also an old Candide pattern called "Herringbone Raglan." It's a fun stitch because it's fast and easy and the results are quite lovely. I'm not sure why they called it 'herringbone' because really, the stitch isn't herringbone. But I don't care, it's a nice stitch to look at anyway!

I've just finished the back--all ready to cast off. The yarn I'm using is Lion Brand "Fisherman's Wool." It's quite nice. Can't beat the price at their store on 15th Street. $9.95 for 8 oz. and it's 100% wool! Knitting on size 9's... it goes quickly. The fabric is knitting up very light so the sweater will be suitable for cool spring and early fall evenings. Not to mention mid-summer evenings in Lubec, ME where, if all goes well, I'll be for a week this summer at a piano camp for adults. Get's quite chilly up there even in mid July when we're all gasping for breath and turning into wet rags just 5 paces from the stoop here in NYC!

Well, here's the back... my progress so far. Most of this is getting knit on the subway...

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