Saturday, August 31, 2013

Before the month gives way to September ...

I must share a fabulous trip I took a few weeks ago to Harrisville Designs in--wait for it--Harrisville (NH). I've used Harrisville yarns in a number of projects. Their New England Highland yarn makes up the African Adventure blanket shown at right. I wove 2 stoles with their New England Shetland yarn, a wonderful unfinished 2-ply in cones specifically for weaving. They also sell a finished version of NE Shetland for knitting and crochet.

What I love most about Harrisville yarns is the palette. Really beautiful colors, both before and after the re-do. (Their entire color palette was re-designed a few years ago.) The African Adventure blanket is in the old palette.

The real highlight of my trip, and wonderful treat, was meeting up with two friends from our neighbor up north who were down vacationing in VT. Spinners and knitters and all things fiber. They made a day trip of it and I made a day trip of it and we had a splendid time.

I wanted to come home with the entire contents of the store. Of course that's not practical. So what? It was a lovely dream. I did come home with some new fiber: 2 bags of Merino locks to card and spin. I have these destined for the great wheel for a project I know not of yet. Also, a book about tapestry weaving, a knitting pattern for a hat, and a pen.

The town of Harrisville is quaint and historic. Just wonderful that the mill is still in use by HD to make their yarns.

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