Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of the week, end of the month ...

This was my 'trip to NYC' week.

As has been my monthly routine since arriving here, I drove down on Tuesday and drove back Wednesday evening-into-night. This was my fourth trip and fourth experiment in scheduling my drive. I left here at a little after noon, got to the interstate in White River Jct., Vt. a little after 1 pm--an hour that included a stop for some new CDs to keep me company on the way. At 5:15 I was in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn having driven I-91 all the way to New Haven, CT then I-95 the rest of the way. Unlike last month, I avoided rush hour in Hartford, CT and NYC. And praise be, I somehow managed to avoid construction hold ups!

It's not a bad drive really, and I discovered this week that Aretha Franklin and Earth, Wind, and Fire make great travelling companions.

Oh, oh, oh!!! I made an all important discovery passing through Massachusetts. Oh dear! A sign alongside the highway--which I'd missed on all previous trips--alerted me to the fact that WEBS was only .5 mile from the next exit, on the left. Ooooh my foot twitched on the accelerator, desperately wanting to let go and maybe switch over to the brake in order to make a "restroom stop". Indeed. But the desire to reach my destination was strong enough to keep me on track. Next month my commute will take a WEBS break into account. My wallet will protest, so I will mostly just look. Indeed.

I spent the night, Tuesday, at my dear friend's house. He is a composer; the person I bought my harpsichord from. He has lots of his music up on YouTube, do check it out! Along with a handful of other friends, we ran a group called "Brooklyn Accent" for some years a while back. It was an arts promotion/presentation organization in north Brooklyn. I designed many of the postcards and posters. Hm. Maybe I'll share some down the line. Fond memories. His apartment is very cool--full of books and wonderful art objects.

Here we are with another dear pianist friend:

Well, my view from the office is radically different than the one I enjoy just 24 hours before, and 24 hours after being there.

That's the new World Trade Center. As you can see I have to lean out a little to get it in the picture.

I'm finding it a relief to arrive home from these trips. I guess that says something about my having had my fill.

In order to avoid rush hour traffic coming out of the city I don't leave until 7 or 8 pm. By that time the freeways are actually free. Free of inch-by-inch crawling for miles on end. It gets dark but I don't mind that, and after Springfield, MA the highway is all but deserted. Just me, Aretha, Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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