Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not a fast knit, but not terribly slow either. There is enough going on with each row to stave off all possibility of becoming boring. Yes, it looks like a scarf but it really will be a hat when finished.

I was able to finally submit my application for a permit to build the bird's room, only to find out that the selectmen don't meet this week and I'll have to wait until next Wednesday to see if it's approved. (Fingers crossed.) Approval from the state energy code come last week shortly after the DES septic approval number was found in the state's archives. Yes, the permit application needs the DES septic approval number. Let me tell you: If there are any concerns about my septic system being adequate I'm going to be very emphatic with the officials that my birds do not use the toilet. Here's hoping I can call the contractor next week to give him the go ahead as soon as he's ready.

The oil tank in the basement is now full--it was completely empty for the last 2 months. Then I found out it was not a good idea to leave it empty because rust can form. So the oil tank is full, the wallet is empty. I also ordered 4 cords of seasoned hard wood the other day and I have a feeling I did so just in the nick of time. A number of places were all out of seasoned wood. I tell ya, my wallet will be light as a feather when all is said and done! But the house should be warm this winter and that's important.

I stumbled--really found it by accident--this video about my house. I was searching for images of the Groton windmills and there in among the photos was a link to this video. The woman being interviewed is the previous owner from whom I purchased the house. Seeing this video made me feel good because it gave me an idea of what I'm looking at for keeping the place warm this winter, and it doesn't sound bad. There's a quick shot of the exterior right at the beginning.

Also in the works: I've hired my neighbor to tear down the 'car port' and he has made a start on it. When it is gone I'll be able to start work on next year's garden areas. For reference, here's a 'before' picture.

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