Thursday, August 15, 2013

The bird house is in business...

Good news today from the selectmen's office: My permit application to build a room for my birds was approved last night! Yippee! Quite a relief.

The wait had given me plenty of opportunity to practice mindfulness... I was catching myself having imaginary arguments with officials I've never met over a situation that had not occurred. The fear of having my application rejected created easy fodder for less-than-constructive imaginings. So when I caught myself sliding into these imagined scenarios I tried to focus on my breathing and mentally went over other possible options if my plans were not approved. It took repeated tries at times to still the angst but it was worth it. Practice.

Now to see when the contractor can start. Soon I hope.

I am predictably experiencing the let down of a naked loom. As I've written before, when there's a warp on the loom, the corner where the loom sits acts almost like a sanctuary. It beckons me when I need to slow down or simply when I want to enjoy the gentle waves of quiet being. So at the completion of a project, that source of contentment is temporarily removed. But not for long, usually.

The loom is already warped anew. I spent an hour this evening sleying and threading it with a skein of Noro's "The World of Nature", a wool/silk blend that I purchased for the simple reason that it was beautiful. I had no project in mind when I bought it. Since purchasing it I've wondered how I could employ it in such a way as to highlight it's beauty. I really want the yarn itself to be the focus of whatever I make with it. Believe me, if it would work, I'd simply wear the skein--as is--around my neck and call it a scarf! Ha! But that wouldn't work very well. I didn't want to knit it thinking that twisting it into stitches would diminish it's essence. So I'm using the yarn as warp and will make a plain weave scarf using a very thin wool for the weft. This, I hope, will allow the yarn to shine in all it's glory.

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