Sunday, November 10, 2013

Afternoon walk ...

It was lovely and invigorating to walk in the cool temps today. The feel and smell of it reminded me of my youth.

For the record, this was this morning's view from the dining room. The picture says it all:

I spent the day puttering around taking care of odds and ends, including some mending of a few woolens that the moths had taken for snacks.

Lovely day.


  1. Love these 2 photos! You seem to live in an absolutely peace-filled environment.
    Traveling on the highway on Fridays is a nightmare around here, too … especially if it involves a long weekend. So many people take advantage of "getting away" for a time.
    Will email in the near future ...

    1. It is peaceful, crafty1. Not a lot of commotion up here in the hills. Just the rooster in the mornings (and dogs. :) ).


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