Sunday, November 24, 2013

Me in the walking hat, and other poses ...

The hat in use on this rather chilly (18 degree) morning, not too long after getting out of bed. On my way out to fetch some much needed wood for the stove. Looks like the veil of sleep hasn't entirely lifted!

The stove is now lit and the cozy warmth is finding it's way around. The house stays quite comfortable while the embers glow, the stove heating both the main and second floors of the house. I have the oil set at 56 and it must come on over night because when I awake in the mornings, although it's chilly, it's not really cold.

My dear friend Bobbie (Distinctive Garden Designs), a landscape designer and daylily hybridizer from Cape Ann (whose garden is drop dead gorgeous!!) stopped by to visit this week and she snapped several pictures of dear old moi. Here are a few:

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