Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ...

I just had a fabulous piano practice followed by another fabulous practice on the cello. Shortly, I will go down stairs for a glass of wine. A great way to see the year out.

What a year it has been!

It was a year of accomplishments. First were the driving lessons, the dreaded test--which I aced! Then I found a car via Craigslist and went to see it in Queens: The anxiety about whether it was a good buy, and could the seller be trusted? Actually buying it, followed by inspection and registration. Packing, and packing, and packing. Selling many books. Finding a movers. Then the big night when the birds were moved up here. Magical. I will never forget that night. Moi self followed a week later, and here I am after 8 months.

They've flown by. It's been a blur, yet it all seems pretty clear. Funny dichotomy. The bird's room was built; they didn't totally destroy the spare room but they did a number on it. Mostly the ceiling. From the look of it now, you wouldn't think they spent 6 months in here--if it weren't for the ceiling tiles that still need replacing. They're happy in their new lives, I'm happy they're happy. Can't wait to give them some outdoor flight area (screened) this spring.

On the music front, I would say my piano playing has moved up a notch or two this year. I'm incredibly happy about this. Ditto, the cello. My teacher no longer calls me a beginner. The word he uses these days is "intermediate".

On the fiber front, the crocheted afghan was completed along with various smaller projects in knitting and weaving. I obtained a great wheel and a flax wheel. I started to learn how to do piecework and quilting. I'm not afraid of the sewing machine any more.

As the year ends I realize I have so much to be thankful for and I'm overjoyed by it all. I'm living up here in the hills where the animals live. It's so utterly peaceful and beautiful. For the first time, this year I saw a bear (up close even!), moose, wild turkeys. So many stars, those content where they are and those shooting across the universe.

Yesterday I signed up for a song-writing class at Plymouth State University. Class starts next Monday. So going to get the New Year started well, as well.

I have one resolution (although lurking around my mind, the thought that I need to start taking walks again wants to make itself a resolution too, but I will resist!). My resolution for next year is to record myself at least a few times at the piano and possibly cello, to post here.

May the year 2014 bring you all joy and may all your dreams come true.

Happy New Year!


  1. 2013 was quite the year of change, and it sounds mostly good! Happy new year; I hope 2014 brings you joy and happiness.

    1. Thank you, Michele. Happy New Year!


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