Saturday, December 7, 2013

Take one ...

I just finished my squares and set them out slowly and attentively. This is the first arrangement. I could go on shuffling the squares around until kingdom come, but I'm not going to. If this arrangement is somewhat harmonious I'm going to keep it. I'll have a glance at it several times over the next few days and if something needs moving I'll move it, but so far I like it. Decision time: borders. There will be a thin-ish border followed by a wider one.

ETA (Edited to add): Well! That didnt' take long. When I saw the pic on screen I almost immediately some adjustment. Can you see it?

(I slightly re-arranged the top left corner.)

Also today, finally started warping the loom for my stair treads. Really feels good to have some activity over in that corner with the loom.

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