Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What? Today is the 23rd? ...

Already! Good golly. There has been quite a bit of crafting and holiday preparations going on and it seems I'd better try to catch up here before the year is out.

November was not a good month, and I've spent a bit of time this month getting back on track. In spite of the struggles, progress is occurring on many fronts and lot's of wonderful experiences have been coming this way.

We had a reasonable snow storm a few weeks ago with well over a foot of snow falling over night. It was ever so marvelous to watch as the flakes fell, giving the appearance of the earth actually moving in an upward direction. Made me feel light and giddy. The day after was bright and shiny and beautiful. That evening as I peered from my second floor window, the lawn was all a'glitter in it's sparkling diamantic robe, softly reflecting the moonlight. And peaceful.

The side stairs were blanketed when I first stepped out to get some wood.

As you can see, my outdoor thermometer was a bit frazzled by the whole ordeal.
And there's the case of the mysterious "walking trees". There can be no doubt that the tracks in the snow lead directly to the foot of these trees. My better sense tells me that perhaps I've had deer about the place checking out the bark on these trunks.

I made a trip to the city last week--which journey down was an absolute nightmare: It took 8 hours instead of 5 due to backed up traffic all over the place! I'll be looking into "park and ride" locations from CT for future trips. Snapped a few pics during my commute to the office one morning, showing some snow on the city.

The last picture is taken in front of the stock exchange on Wall St. just around the corner from the office. The other tree--the one decorated by nature herself--was from an elevated subway platform in Williamsburg.

I stopped at WEBS on my way down to the city--for one (that's "1") skein of Noro for some fingerless mitts. Is it surprising to learn that I left the store with four ("4") skeins of Noro plus 2 cones of weaving cotton/linen?

The tree is up!

And I've been busy making confections...

I'm trying out some new recipes this year and the apricot/citrus balls are smashingly delicious, the cherry/chocolate squares are very special, and the peanut butter/chocolate squares are very similar to a popular brand of candy bar. Dangerous situation having so many sweets needing testing--and further sampling, of course.

Still to come: An antique pedal sewing machine and quilt making progress.

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