Friday, December 6, 2013

Log cabins and flying geese ...

Those are the names of the squares we learned to piece this week. For the record, the names of the last two we learned are Nine-patch variation (as I thought) and Friendship star. Class provided enough time to finish one Log cabin and one Flying geese square; this week I'll make two more of each. That will finish the blocks needed for the sampler quilt. Next class we'll start to stitch our blocks together and put the borders on. We'll also learn how to do a bias edging.

Flying geese on top, log cabin on botom:

I am very fond of the log cabin design. I've seen the motif in knit patterns and have come close to picking up such a project. For now, I'm most pleased to piece them out of cotton fabric. In case you didn't know, the red square in the center is traditional and is supposed to represent the chimney of the log cabin, itself viewed from above. Although a bit more time consuming than some of the other squares, they are fun to piece together.

In other news ...

For the fourth time this year I had the car inspected Wednesday. A heads up to anyone contemplating a move from one state to another: If you can manage it, wait until you arrive at your destination to buy a car! Of course, that was not possible for me as I needed the car to transport my birds. But it meant having it inspected in NY then inspected again when I arrived in NH. The law in NH requires vehicles to be inspected in the month of one's birth, so I had to have it inspected in November yet again. Two things: I waited until the last week of the month, and it failed inspection. Needed work: a rusty section of tail pipe had to be replaced. Unfortunately, the place which inspected it could not do the work so they referred me to a place in Holderness, just across the river from Plymouth, and that garage couldn't schedule me until Wednesday. It's OK time wise as the state allows 10 days from the time of registration to get the inspection sticker--I had also waited until the last minute to re-register. So the car was inspected for the fourth and last time this year on Wednesday, and after the tail pipe was fixed I got the new sticker.

After leaving the car off to be worked on, I walked across the bridge back into Plymouth for some breakfast and snapped this pic of the Pemigewasset River starting to freeze over, and a section of Plymouth. Picturesque, isn't it?

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  1. Nice! I love both of these motifs in knitting, but I'm not much of a quilter. I had read somewhere that the red square in the center represents hearth and home, but I had never heard the part about looking down from above.

    Looking forward to seeing your sampler quilt.


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