Monday, December 30, 2013

Pedal power ...

Thanks to a dear, kind, and generous Aunt of mine, I now have my godmother's old pedal sewing machine. It came home with me week before last and now sits in the spare bedroom (along with my "office" and loom). I'm so thrilled! Can't wait to start sewing with it.

It's plain to see that it was very well cared for: It's in excellent condition. The bobbin plate is missing, it needs a new drive belt, and a bobbin winder belt, and I'm pretty sure these items are all obtainable from various places on the internet. It didn't have a bobbin, but one from my other machines fits.

My first web search uncovered the year the serial number was issued: 1910; it's one of 15,000 and was built in Elizabeth, NJ. That makes it 103 years old. Looking pretty good for it's age!

Another search turned up a xerox of an original user's manual for this model. It wasn't free, but I figured it would be worth the money to have. It arrived in the mail today, and what a thrill! The pictures look exactly like mine, it's got all the instructions for threading, adjusting tension, etc. and best of all, has part numbers which will make it much easier to scour the internet for spare parts.

So exciting!!

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