Friday, March 7, 2014

Dazzle, frazzle! ...

One more try! That's it.

The "dazzling" brioche scarf project has me frazzled. I have had to repeat every single one of the last 3 rows. Grrrrr.

The trick, I realize, is to be clever enough to discern exactly what is causing the mis-stitched glitch in each of these rows. This means being attentive to the mistake in those rows to see if there's a pattern in my erring. I believe there is, which is why it gets another attempt.

There is a subtle difference between the slip-one, yarn-over of the purl rows and the yarn-over, slip-one of the knit rows. I've been getting at least one of the wrong kind of yarn-over on my purl rows. I believe this stems -- at least partly -- to the class I'm taking where both maneuvres are named the same, even though they are not the same. Very interesting.

The way we name things can make or break a project.

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