Friday, March 14, 2014

Gingham ...

I had to start a new project, one to work on in social settings. The 2-color brioche scarf is just a tad much to handle while carrying on conversations. So I started a cotton, gingham patterned multi-purpose kitchen-picnic-bread-whatever towel. Although it's 3-color, it's in a technique called "mosaic" knitting which makes it pretty easy to knit and keep track of. It is knit one color at a time--a full row in one color. Sometimes 2 rows in the same color. You wouldn't know it to see the results would you?

I'm going to crochet an edging all around the perimeter of it, with picots. It'll be a romantic little towel.

Since it's nearing completion, I've also cast-on and knit a handful of rows for a new throw also in mosaic technique. I won't show it because -- well, there's not much to see yet. Soon.

It does feel great to be knitting socially. I've been going weekly to Artistic Roots in Plymouth for their Sunday afternoon social, and beginning a few weeks back, I started going to D-acres for their bi-weekly fiber night. And here's something wonderful: this week there were 3 men in the group! Hurray!

I'm taking my spinning to the D-Acres group. The wheel has sat sadly still for the past 3 or 4 months--egads! Just feels really good to get it spinning again. I'm spinning a warp for a scarf. I'll then spin the weft in a gold colored wool. Looking forward to getting this warped up.

In other news, my monthly NY trip has been postponed 3 (that's three!!!) times. Twice due to work requirements, but this week it was delayed due to ... the weather! Weather which should be leading us into spring yet by all appearances is taking us back to winter. I'm pretty sure yesterday was the winteriest day yet up here in the hills. What made it especially brutal was the wind, something we were spared most of the winter. Several more inches of snow--and yes, it was absolutely, splendidly gorgeous as it fell and blanketed the earth--and very low temps gave the wind something to play with. It was bitter.

I am ready for spring. Last week I purchased several packets of seeds, some starting soil, and pots. I'll start the tomatoes and a few others next week under lights. Dreaming of gardens, bird song, bees, butterflies, and the joyful warmth of spring and summer. Not dreaming of mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. Funny that.

It'll all be here before we know it. For now, I'm pretty sure we just witnessed winter's last fling.

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