Monday, March 3, 2014

On a roll with Brioche ...

I love brioche, especially warmed up and served with butter. My favorite! I should learn how to make it.

Yes, I'm on a brioche kick in every way!

The latest project is another scarf in 2-color Brioche. The pattern came as part of the Craftsy class I'm taking and is quite dazzling.

At the moment it's taking some concentration. I had to frog and repeat 3 or 4 of these rows but it should settle in after another repeat or so.


  1. Big fans of brioche here, too.
    Wow!!!,what an intriguing brioche pattern. I had just finished skimming through an article B recd on brioche knitting from Knitting Daily.

    1. I must say this one is turning out to be quite a challenge! I think it's going to be OK, but these past few days have been a battle. (Must be the weather! ;) )


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