Monday, March 3, 2014

Continued adventures With Brioche Knitting ...

Whew! I made it... made it through the past few weeks. A bit stressful these times, but like all things the tumult is moving on and all is returning to "normal", whatever that is. Normal, for me, means crises are over and equilibrium descends upon life. It means balance is returned, more or less. Such an important word: balance. "In all things, moderation", etc., etc.

Despite the pot holes of the recent past I've managed to make further explorations into Brioche knitting. (I shall have to remember to talk about the literal pot holes appearing on Halls Brook Road!!) And believe it or not, I even took an afternoon walk. Trying very hard to get back into that habit. It surely will be easier once the weather warms up a bit. Brrrr! On the particular afternoon, I met up with a "U turn".

The day following my last post was made up with a bit more snow. It was certainly a wintery time, and my little snow blower was starting to struggle getting the snow high enough to clear the banks. Sure was pretty though.

On to the knitting. I worked this pattern in a cousin of Brioche stitch, which I know as "knit one below". It is currently my favorite hat. Isn't it colorful!! :)

On the night before I took the above "selfie" (as they now say), the hat looked like the following. I had washed it, blocked it, and it was almost finished drying--over a casserole.

On the following morning the big moment arrived and I tried it on. Too big! So half an hour later it looked like this:

I had taken it apart down to the 'pancake' so that I could remove 2 rows and shorten the rim. By the following morning it was once again finished and it fit!

In a local thrift store I found a little oil can to go with my Singer foot powered sewing machine. Sweet and perfect.


  1. So very glad to hear the potholes of life are filling and normal has come. What a great hat...such sweet, refreshing colours...a little sprig of joy these dreary, chilly days.....!!! :)

    1. Thanks, jak. Yes, it is a bit spring-like isn't it!

  2. I love that little oil can! Your thrift store seems to have some treasures. I'd love to visit it someday.

    1. You certainly may, and I can't wait. In fact there is more than one store! :)


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