Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A few pics ...

It's muggy tonight. Very muggy. More muggy than I can remember all summer. It hasn't rained. The feeling is that instead of raining, the atmosphere has decided to simply soak up as much water as it can. Sticky. Not really hot, though, and that's nice.

The gifted Hydrangea is blossoming, bless it. (Thank you. You know who you are. :) ) After it was run over last summer I figured it was going to have to struggle to stay alive. It's done well I think.

The Nasturtiums I planted from seed have given their first blossom. I'm hoping it won't be the end of it!

This very pretty lily was a gift. Isn't it sweet! Not very tall, a little more than a foot I'd say.

I ate my first pea today. Yum.

Some odd skeins done this week.

Progress on the Sakiori jacket.

And a new quilt under way. I'm doing this on the 1910 Singer. It is the perfect machine for me and piecing. It doesn't rush me. Just love it to death.

The quilt is built from the center outward. That's only 3 rows. There are many, many more. A biggish project.

P.S. Since I started writing this post it has started raining. One of those steady, soothing, open faucets of a rain. Feeling much better already! :)


  1. Aaahhhh.....you do have a wonderful way with words, Bernard. Great pics. Ever use your nasturtium blooms in salads? Lovely to see all your hand work...what an amazing quilt that will be!!!!!

    1. Thanks, jak. :) I've never eaten a nasturtium blossom! maybe this will be the year... :)


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