Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime ... and Tour de Fleece ...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I am! Been going to concerts, enjoying the weather (which is much more summery this year than last), and taking in the local scenery. Old Home Days will be upon us soon and each town, in turn, will put on a celebration. Arts, crafts, food, fun!

I've managed to catch 3 concerts at The Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale which takes place at the Shaker Museum in my home town of Enfield. The concerts have been spectacular! Utterly fabulous concerts! The setting, of course, cannot be beat. I just adore those old Shaker buildings. They are precious works of art and I'm glad the place is now a museum.

The weather has been wonderful and I do (I admit it) get a slight chuckle when I hear complaints about the heat and humidity. It is more than tolerable compared to the 35 NYC summers I suffered. Oooh yes, it gets very hot (stiflingly so) and humid in NY in the summer. So many concrete, brick and paved blocks without trees opens one's imaginings to being slow-roasted. The 100-year+ subway systems without proper ventilation allow one to imagine--all too clearly--being baked alive. So when we have high humidity up here--90%+ today with temps in the low 80s, yes it's a bit uncomfortable but not terribly distracting. To me. So I'm enjoying it terribly well.

After stopping by the town clerk's office this afternoon to pay my semi-annual tax bill, I drove down the road a few miles to Spectacle Pond. How ever so pristine! What a treasure so near by (~4 miles tops). The spring-fed pond is clear as glass and peaceful beyond imagination. No petro boats are allowed except those with permits and some state boats that are used for training. I have made up my mind to obtain a kayak, this will be the perfect location to paddle out and float in a silent ambiance with my knitting. Maybe one of these: SeaEagle.

Spectacle Pond (well half of it):

Tour de Fleece began on the 5th and seeing how there's a men's group this year, I decided to join. Been spinnin' up a storm. I'm going multi-approach this year: Great Wheel, flyer wheel, spindle, and charka! Here's my 3rd day report (flyer bobbin had been started prior to the 5th). The top skein was spun on my great wheel. Follows is a very short vid of me learning "from the fold" on the GW:

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