Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flower Power ...

The blue lace cap Hydrangea is visible from my office window. All I need do is lift my eyes to the window and there it is, across the yard, up near the woods. The touch of blue is ever so lovely in a picture that is otherwise shades of green, gray, and brown, with an occasional golden highlight from the sun.

Plants, especially flowers, are on my mind. The next month will hopefully see much activity concerning the flora about this place.

It rained very much overnight and today was a perfect 10 of a day so I was out pulling brush. Cleared several patches around the front lawn and some weeds pulled from the triangular bed-to-be which separates the house from the aforementioned hydrangea. Ideas are shaping up and the possibilities are starting to seem endless. This is good. The very large--enormous--clump of rosa rugosa out back may well end up making a hedge somewhere about the place.

Ideas are also pouring in for a deck and patio out front, and a retaining wall with proper drainage and patio out back. Of course these visions will remain ideas for at least a few years. At least until the bird room is paid for.

I wonder if you've seen the latest hipster rage? Putting flowers in one's beard and/or mustache? I love it! I especially love that men can be beautiful with flowers. Some of these are quite stunning: Flower Beards. An acquaintance of mine on FaceBook saw those and did himself up. Quite attractively too! I sport just a small goatee and mustache so my pick of flowers went for the small wild types.

On Sunday I took a drive down to Cape Ann to visit a dear friend who is a landscape designer and daylily hybridizer. Her garden is spectacular beyond words. So I'll simply post pics of my visit, including one where we were both trying to take dual selfies. Much fun.

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