Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have spent time these past four days laying out a Labyrinth on the front lawn. It's constructed of about 350 golf tees and, when complete, 350' of sisal rope. I bought 300' and am short by about 50'. The sisal will break down over time, but during the interim I plan on replacing it with bricks or some other stone edging sunk into the earth--so I can mow over it, the paths will remain grass.

It's a Classical 7-Circuit Labyrinth. Width across is about 30 feet, the paths are 24" wide. When the bricks are laid the paths will be about 2" narrower.

I walked it this afternoon even though there is a 50' length of rope missing (I could tell where it should be). Another dream come true and a bit of excitement, as I've dreamed about building a labyrinth for some time.

It's hard to see much of it in the picture. Partly because it's too large to get a picture of, but also because the sisal rope does not show up too clearly. But you get the idea:

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