Friday, July 4, 2014

Aran knitting ...

I've done some cable work in the past but I never really got into it because I couldn't stand fiddling with the cable needle.

At one of the knit-ins at Artistic Roots a few months ago, I was shown how to execute cables without using a special needle, and we're off! Cable work is now an absolute pleasure.

This yarn has been in my stash for about 4 years. I bought it in NYC at the Lion Brand's Studio on 16th St. There was a men's night that I used to attend (Great fun!) and would pick up 4 skeins at a time. It was very well priced, and the singles aspect and natural color attracted me. (Singles, refers to the fact that it is a simple twisted cord, it is not plied.) It's 100% wool.

The knitting was finished this morning and I was going to sew the loose ends in this evening, but didn't--reason forthcoming. It was a relatively quick knit and I derived much enjoyment from it. Slightly annoyed to see that one of the skeins has a very slightly different hue about it, which is noticeable in some light, not others. Obviously, being undyed there is no dye lot number to match up. I may--very unsure about it, will ask for input at Sunday's knit-in--dye the whole finished vest a light grey, or possibly tan. We'll see. The loose ends haven't been touched and that's because I started a new project this afternoon: A Japanese sakiori vest in the gorgeous colors of Noro.

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