Monday, June 30, 2014

Spindle spun weft... Now a scarf...

I don't suppose I've mentioned the green yarn I had been spinning on "Peacock"--one of the CD spindles I made a few weeks ago?

I went with my default 2-ply DK weight (probably) construction.

Anyhoo, I decided to warp, for the first time, the small, intriguing little loom I bought at an estate sale last summer ($5) with some singles commercial wool. I used my spindle-spun yarn for the weft.

The jack mechanism on this little loom is most fascinating. The handle that can be seen to the right in the picture, moves in and out. In for one shed, out for the other. It is only a 2-frame loom. Plain weave and manipulated warp are it's milieux.

The scarf is a pleasing little cloth with a line of Leno at each end. One line is incorrect: I forgot to change sheds (or twist warps, not sure which) after the line of weft. Oh well, it's my first Leno. I still like it quite a lot.

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