Thursday, June 12, 2014

More spindles ...

In glass class the other night, I made four whorls. Today I picked them up, very unsure about how they'd come out and had already set my mind on they're not being exactly what I wanted. So it was a terrific and splendid surprise to discover they came out exactly how I'd imagined!

I was able to compose one of the whorls with a center hole but it was quite difficult and I had no idea how it would fire up. Would the hole close up? Would it be very irregular? All sorts of possible problems ran across my mind. The hole came out perfect. I ran over to the hardware store after receiving my whorls and bought a rubber grommet and some doweling.

Here's my first glass, bottom-whorl spindle and it spins like a charm:

The other three whorls need be set aside until next Thursday when I'll be able to drill a hole in them with my teacher's diamond bit glass drill. These 3 will probably get pretty chopsticks for a shaft instead of dowel. I'm really looking forward to seeing them as spindles.


  1. I love those! I want to spin with cool.

  2. Just amazing, oh talented one!!!!! Beautiful! Talk about the JOY of spinning........ ;)


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