Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flora ...

I have a lovely, if bedraggled, set of bloomin' plants at the moment. Have settled my mind that it's going to take at least another 2 years to get things to a starting point.

There's a peony, the ubiquitous lupines, some Canadian anemones, the scented (oh how delicious!) daylilies, other daylilies, bearded irises and familia. The Buddleia survived (surprise!) and is sprouting new growth. Rosa Rugosa and cousins. Purple and yellow are prominent at the moment. A neighboring garden declares bright orange with poppies--must get some! Oh, and the humongous rhododendron by the front stairs is in throes of pyrogenics. The hydrangea given me by my aunt survived being run over by a tractor and is in bud. Hurray! My delphinium is just opening--my favorite blue; and the creamy yellow daisy is soon to make an announcement. The store bought portulacas--I just love them to death--are beautifying the new beds.

Oh splendor!

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