Monday, June 16, 2014

Rosa Rugosa, &c ...

The very large clump of Rosa Rugosa in the back field is starting to grace us with her shimmering reflections of pink light. Like so many butterflies, and which perfume is so heavenly. To me, theirs is the true fragrance of rose.

There's another rose shrub on the opposite side of the driveway, down near my new garden. Slightly milder scent, but still of the same "true" essence. It's a double: Cushiony pads of lusciousness.

It can all only mean one thing: Summer is nigh. I saw fire flies this evening, and the frogs were snoring. The air moved in a gentle breeze, awash with the smell of today's freshly mowed lawn. Ahhhh....

Another small-ish flower bed was dug this morning and the remaining potted plants found their home. I christened the bed with a cream-colored daisy found at a local nursery this afternoon. Oriental lilies, daylilies (both gifts), an Easter lily and some portulacas will paint a pretty picture in some weeks from now, I hope.

The bugs--of every sort--have started their summer convention. Just now, a very large moth--or a bat, not sure what it was--fluttered outside the office window. On Friday, an artistically inclined spider spun a very large and beautiful web outside this window. The reflection from within the room against the window pane gave her creation a somewhat stormy impression. Clever little thing.

Come this way summer, we've been getting the place all ready for your arrival, and we welcome you with open arms. I remember just a few months ago, thinking--over 4' depths of snow--that you'd be around, sooner or later but definitely by June. In this, I've never known you to disappoint. Welcome back for another stay! I love the seasons.

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