Monday, June 9, 2014

Catch up time ...

Wow, a couple weeks have gone by since my last post. It's a busy time of year, no question about it. I have had many potted plants waiting for me to find a place for them to live. A little bit here, a little bit there, and it's slowly getting done.

The lady slippers are still hung out every day. I'm sure that during the deep of night, a princess fairy borrows them for her cavorting at some early-summer ball. But they are always back in time for daybreak.

So let me see... I took another fused glass class and will attend yet another tomorrow evening. Tomorrow, I have it in mind to make whorls for drop spindles. In the last class I made a small cheese board, but in the end, it works better simply propped up in the window catching the light. I was pretty pleased about most of it. If the daffodil had not come out so transparent, I'd be even happier. Like everything else, it's a learning process.

My last trip to NYC was quite nice, apart from slightly damaging my cello in a subway turnstile. The sound of c-r-a-c-k at the time of the accident was frightening. The for-real 3" crack in the lower right of the top soundboard looked scary, but the cello was otherwise intact. Unpacking the cello at my lesson later in the day was a revelation: The crack had disappeared! My teacher said 1) the damage wasn't bad and wouldn't affect the tone much if at all, and 2) he didn't think the crack went all the way through the wood. A big relief and a big lesson learned: Let others go through the turnstile ahead of me when I'm carrying my cello so I don't feel rushed.

Pretty, then large, boats on the Hudson viewed from my office window. Zuccotti Park is always so well dressed.

On the spinning front, I've started meeting up with other spinners Tuesday mornings at Artistic Roots in Plymouth. Finished this red merino-silk blend to use as warp for a scarf. Over the weekend I made 5 CD drop-spindles, much fun. Yesterday I stopped at a local petting zoo and bought a rather wonderful, large fleece that I think is CVM (California Variegated Mutant). At first the seller said she thought it was Icelandic (it clearly is not), then Corriedale, but seeing how it's got whites, greys, and browns and judging by the crimp and look I think CVM is more likely.

"Peacock" is duck tape paper. "Black Dahlia" and "Butterflies" are black acrylic etchings. "Flower Power" is foam stickers. "Biker" is fake tattoos. I sprayed a coat of clear finish over Biker and Butterflies.

I am enjoying the colors of early summer very much.



Black. And somewhat intimidating. I took these from inside the house.

Moths. They hang in the same spot for days on end. Are they meditating, I wonder? This morning there are 4 lunas.

My knitting friend. He's a frog, not a snake.

Little percussionist.

The garden is sprouting. Very exciting.

And last, but not least, I am weaving these days.

And very last, and still not least, I'm going to start putting "practice" pieces over on the left. Mind you, most of these will not be finished works. This first one is Liszt's Liebestraum. I have considerable work to do on the last page yet. This video came about because I wanted to test my new video camera. :)

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