Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Scrappy ...

This scrap quilt makes me happy! Color, especially when it's rioting, can be such a tease.

Isn't this fun!?

I decided to go with white for the main part of the border because it's comprised of all colors. In the case of reflected light, the colors are all bouncing off the material--in contrast to the oodles getting grabbed by the central panel. I tried 4 or 5 different inner borders. Black, coffee, lavender, gray... but none were as right as this beige-ey color.

There was some debate within the walls of my cranium about whether to add another 2" border. If so, it would be the lavender, but the arguments have died down and the verdict is: No more border. It seems right just as it is. I'm not sure if the binding will be white or color. Yet to be decided, but there's plenty of time. I can't send it out to be quilted until there's more money in the kitty!

Here's something I learned on this quilt: Mistakes (unintended results, if you will--which can be referred to as "design elements" sometimes)--are much harder to hide in solid colors than in patterns! So.

I still have tons of scraps left. Whatever shall I work on next?


  1. fun factors involved in this quilt, Bernard!
    Just beautiful. What a delight it will be for you when quilted and you can put it to use..... ;)

    1. Thanks, jak! Yes, it will be delightful to put it in use. :)


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