Thursday, April 9, 2015

Not so scrappy ...

I'm setting aside the scrap heap to finish the top I began last year. It was left to rest after I got stuck on color, but the ice has thawed and I have a plan. It will be the most intricate top I've pieced once it's done and I'm taking steps with care, aiming to achieve clear points and clean seams. So far, not too bad, knock on wood. I'm glad to be excited about this project once more and now that there's a rough plan in place, there's plenty of motivation.

It came to me today that I'm on quite a quilt kick at the moment, and must say it's wonderfully enjoyable. A fun media to work with.

The 2nd round is finished, 3 or 4 more to go ...

I think spinning will come back shortly--when the weather warms a bit and I can spin outside. I was noticing today that I've an itching to work on that fleece I bought last summer. Something wonderful to look forward to.

We rehearsed this piece last night, sigh ...

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