Sunday, April 26, 2015

Round 5 ...

... going on 6! And I gotta say that at times it has indeed felt like a fighting match! Well, fighting match -- lite. :)

Seriously, this is the biggest challenge I've yet taken on the quilting front. Some seams have been worked 3 times!! On the round I just finished, the corners were especially daunting. Not a single one of them allowed for a clean line-up of the supposed-to-match seams. I had to nip and tuck here and there, and let out other regions to get a semblance of alignment. Oh yes, it's been a challenge. So far I'll give myself a grade B.

But round 5 is done, it's imperfections I'll live with. On to the last and final round: 6. This round is comprised of larger and more intricate blocks, and the practice I've accumulated over the course of the previous 5 rounds is proving handy.

Color. Another huge challenge. I had but the vaguest ideas when setting out on this adventure and it seems that the gist of them were reasonably sound. Again, probably a B. As may now be apparent, I'm allowing my color to become more saturated with each round, and this last round will be the most vibrant and explosive of them all. The last hurdle is to see if the floral can be (or should it be? Good question!) extended out this far? I think it can; I'm not quite sure how yet. (Better figure it out soon!) There is with this quilt--I'll admit it--an underlying sense of, "I have no idea what I'm doing!" Ha!

Here's my first block for the outside round. As you can see, I'm re-introducing the lightest of the grays and I'm really punctuating the color:

Well, it's all fun isn't it! :)

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