Saturday, April 18, 2015

Seam ripper ...

Mine's getting a work out! Oh my word, several seams sewn, ripped out, and re-sewn. This top really is a challenge. There is nothing more satisfying than measuring up a newly made piece and finding that the seams match with it's partner; and something less than satisfying to discover discrepancies of more than 1/8"--a scant 1/8" being my self-imposed allowance--and even at that they seem like gaping big holes. Then there's the realization that the new strip is way too long and puzzlement as to how that could have happened. I spent 15 minutes checking and tightening up seams on one particular strip when it finally dawned on me that I added too many squares to it!! That was actually a relief discovery.

If it sounds like a constant battle void of fun, that's not what I mean. I'm enjoying it to the hilt and I'm really learning a lot with this one. As of 10 minutes ago, here's where it stands. There are 2 more rows done since I last posted a picture. There are 2 rows to follow and they are biggies: Lot's of different types of squares to piece.

Color has also been a big challenge. The pattern is so intricate it's hard to imagine what it will look like when certain pieces are of a certain color. I've more or less been holding my breath that it will remain somewhat coherent; so far: OK I think. The next 2 rounds will stick with the current colors but they will be more saturated. Hoping to thread enough of the red and yellow floral throughout to keep it hanging together.

I went to a quilt show this afternoon: The Northern Lights Quilting Guild's show. It was wonderful, inspiring, and motivating. Some really, really beautiful quilts shown.

I couldn't resist this piece of fabric, and 2 books at bargain prices.

And since I was in the vicinity of a store which carries upholstery fabrics in addition to other fancy goods, I stopped and picked up material to use for piecing scrap borders for the needlepoint coverlet I have in mind.

A beautiful, warm day. Not like winter at all... wait... did we have winter? :) Funny how fast the memory fades, I guess it feels better to have it out of mind at the moment!

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