Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tour de Fleece, Day 5...

It's been one of those days.

It was like this; and it was bliss:

Woke up late'ish but rested.
Made coffee and attended to the birds.
Went out back with my coffee and spindle spun for an hour.
Switched to the wheel and spun for another hour.
Came upstairs and washed the bird's room floor.
Practiced piano for a bit more than an hour (Scriabin, Bach and Debussy... oh joy!)
Changed my mind about next weaving project and decided on another plaid.
Calculated warp yardage and warped 2 chains on my warping board. (Need 4 in all.)
Practiced cello for an hour and 20 minutes.
Went to get take-away Japanese Teriyaki for dinner.
Brought my dinner to the roof and dined while waiting for the fireworks to begin.
Watched the fireworks.
Went out back and spun for another hour.
Came in and plyed and skeined.
Now logging my activity for day 5 of Tour de Fleece.

!!! Heaven!

The new plaid I'm going to weave is exciting, and I used a warping board (it's a LeClerc and it came with the loom) for the first time today. Very nifty, and I like it.

A goodly amount of spinning today and it feels wonderful. The Spinner's Hill is spinning up perfectly and I will not hesitate to weave with it. I'm doing a 2-ply. I love 2-ply! Winding the singles into a center-pull ball and plying with the ends from inside and outside leaves absolutely no waste. That's also why I like Navajo plying: no waste! It always comes out even.

Today's spinning:
The view (partial) up on the roof... the stage is set, just waiting for dark:
Al fresco dining on the roof:
A few pics of the show:

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