Monday, July 30, 2012

Wellington Fibres...

Can I just say I am in love with this fiber (or fibre for my Canadian friends)? Today's spinning was 170 yards, 2-ply of the turquoise colorway. It is so pretty, and such a joy to spin. I've been splitting the roving in 2 lengthwise before spinning, and am noticing that sometimes one side can consist of finer fibers than the other. I've discovered that if this side is too easy to draft as to be fussy, that turning the roving around and using a backward draft fixes all.

I always test my roving to see which way the fibers draft most easily--fiber has a direction due to the laying of the scales. Since I like a short forward draft, that's what I test for. But as I mention, if the fiber is too loose and drafts with no resistance, reversing the roving and using a backward draft makes it go with much better control, for me.

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