Friday, January 4, 2013


...for the new year. I only have 2 but the second is a whopper and I'm not sure how well I'll do at keeping it.

1. Finish with Wave Stole. I think I can manage that.

2. Be more active. This is the challenge I'm setting for myself. It seems that everything I do requires that I sit: weaving, knitting, spinning, programming, piano, cello. The seat of all these activites is literally, my seat.

So far so good. Since the new year began I've walked almost a mile each day. I fit this in by walking all the way down to the "L" station at Bedford & Seventh on my way to work. I made this walk every day for years but fell out of it when we moved offices. Now that we're in lower Manhattan it is more convenient to take the bus from my neighborhood to get to the "J" train.

Since Sandy, though, the "J" has not been able to complete it's run all the way to Broad St. so I've started taking the "L" again and transfering to the "4" to get downtown. So, really, there's not a whole lot of excuse for not walking down to Bedford & 7th every day. True, when I'm in a rush (frequently? ;) ) it's tempting to hop on the bus to take me to the "L", but I'm determined. I'll just keep in mind the wonderful impromptu experience I had a few years back when a very cute and attractive Irishman stopped to admire my spinning (spindle) at B&7th while I was waiting, and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. The thought of a recurrence will keep me motivated.

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