Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weaving wise... I won the struggle...

It's a good thing too, seeing how it's the first day of the new year!

It was the rod which saved the day; the one I put in place as I was threading the heddles, ensuring that every other thread went over the rod yet the others under.

I was able to transfer this crossing of the threads to the front of the reed. This is accomplished by lifting the rod 3-4" while close to the reed's back side creating a shed on the front side. Insert a rod through this shed and voila! the cross is now in front. Had it not been for this rod I fear I would have had to start over and you'll see why in the next picture. Why not illustrate the struggle, see the bad as well as the good!?

All this because I inadvertently removed the porrey cross I had wound into the warp.

This picture shows what we strive to avoid. Pretty bad, huh? It shows several nests of crossed threads in the part of the warp that is not yet wound on. Obviously it cannot wind on in this tangled mess. The thought of failure crosses the mind, but I was able to keep pushing the derailed threads towards the front of the warp as I proceeded; it wasn't easy. In this picture I haven't much warp left to wind on, thank heavens! (You can see the rod up near the bottom of the reed)

As I was near the end I untied the remaining warp and was able to comb out the tangles. After a half an hour the exact same warp looked like this:

Oh [with an exasperated sigh!], so much better!

Tada! The warp is wound and I had only 1 broken thread, and it broke before the end of the warp had reached the warp beam so I was able to replace it without having an extra spool dangling off the warp beam. My loom is no longer naked. Yay!

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