Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weaving... an FO...

It's been quite a week! I had to report for jury duty last Monday and it had me worried. I was afraid of serving on a never-ending case. There is so much I must get done in the next two months I dreaded having to cope with being a juror.

I was very lucky the last time I was called for duty and ended up going down to the courthouse for only 3 days--and spent the entire time in the jury pool room, not being called once to shuffle off to a courtroom for voir dire.

So I schlepped myself downtown for 8:30 am (!!) on Monday. Groups of 80 to 100 people were called from the pool off and on during the day with a scattering of smaller groups also called. The same luck that keeps me from winning the lottery followed me to the pool room because my name was not called once. At 3:30 a court officer took the microphone and announced to those of us left in the room that we were not needed and would be released as soon as we turned in the last bit of our summons papers. Yippee! Jury duty lasted all of 8 hours. It can't get much better than that.

That was good. Not so good is that I had caught a cold on Sunday the day before and it ended up knocking me out of commission for most of the week. I worked from home every day but Friday. Much better now.

Jury duty behind me. Cold behind me. Christmas tree came down this afternoon. The holidays are behind me. Sad. I love/hate to take the tree down. I love having the space back, but I hate to see the beauty of it go back in boxes. But next year's Christmas will be in the country. I'm imagining how wonderful that will be!

Also behind me is my most recent FO. I finished weaving the table scarf this morning, hemstitched the end, washed, dried and ironed it. Much pleased.

Taken with flash:

Taken without flash:


  1. Congratulations! The table scarf is absolutely beautiful. Will this adorn a table in your new home?

    1. Thanks, crafty1. Yes, I wove it specifically for the dining table in my new home. A table which I have not yet purchased, but have a good idea what I want. :)

  2. I am so impressed with this piece; it is stunningly gorgeous.

  3. skipped on over here from Rug Hooking Daily to check out your blog, I love this runner.


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