Friday, January 4, 2013

Weaving wise... the shuttle is flying...

Well not exactly flying but it is now making passes through my warp. Each new project is so full of excitement. There are so many types of weave that I can see several years of potential excitement at the prospect of something new to try out.

As I previously mentioned, this project is my first "overshot" project, and boy-oh-boy is it exciting! It's a thrill to see the pattern--latent in the threading and tie-up--manifest itself in the cloth.

Just a few pics to show progress. The view in these pics is the back side of the fabric. Yes, my tie-ups are reversed. But I learned something new this week, that's exciting in itself! I learned that an "O" in a draft's tie-up diagram indicates the tie-up is meant for a rising-shed loom, whereas an "X" is taken to mean tie-ups for a sinking-shed loom. The draft of the pattern I'm weaving--it's called "Lee's Surrender"--has "O"s and I do in fact have a rising-shed loom. Unfortunately, at the time I checked my tie-up I did not know about "O"s and "X"s. So I left my tie-up reversed thinking that the draft was probably written for a sinking-shed loom. I was wrong.

It simply means the right side of the fabric is on the bottom as I weave. But I'll have a nice Ooh! Aah! moment when I take it off the loom, no!? :) Of course, the right side looks very similar to the back side, just that the shades of blue are reversed.

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