Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knit wise... subway knitting

The Print O' The Wave Stole is progressing right along. It amazes me how quickly it progresses just from the amount of time I work on it while on my way to and from work, cello lessons, and a few other odds and ends trips. It's now 22" inches long--unblocked. That will translate to quite a bit longer after blocking as I will be really opening it up to reveal the lacey pattern.

There is that hideous pool (bottom right) near the beginning of the stole. At our LGBT "Knit and Schmooze" the other night someone suggested going over some of the patch with duplicate stitch. Great idea! I also mentioned in an earlier post my notion of spot bleaching and dyeing, but I think duplicate stitch would be much easier to control, and if it failed wouldn't ruin the piece. Another thought is knitting a flower and attaching it over the pool to hide it. At the moment, top option is duplicate stitch. I will definitely try that. I think the colors have behaved themselves very well from that point on. Knock on wood.

I've repeated the pattern enough times that I now have my favorite rows and my not so favorite rows, though truth be told none of them are horrible. Every other row, of course, is straight purl and I like that.

I had to rip out a row the other day, not once, but twice! I kept coming out with one too many stitches, and made the mistake the first time I frogged of not undoing the entire row. I got to the last two stitches and thought there was no need to go any further. Well it turns out that one of those two stitches was the problem. I had forgotten to knit two together! Sheesh. Got it straighted out and was merrily on my way again.

Knitting on the subway has made my commute an entirely different experience. I don't feel like I'm losing time and the trips seem shorter. Love it.


  1. But would duplicate stitch change the nature of the fabric, making that spot heavier? Are you going to block moderately or severely?

  2. Hi Michele. I'm going to block severely I think. Do you think it will make a difference? Also, I was planning on doing only spots of duplicate stitch, not the whole pool.

  3. If it's only spots here and there, it could work. I was just afraid it would really stick out if it was a big area; I block my pieces to be pretty airy and it would be noticeable.

    Only one way to find out...

  4. How's it coming with the scarf? Really think its a beautiful pattern. Glad to hear that the knitting helps the subway ride go by more gently and look at what you have to show for your time!!!!

  5. It's going well, as you can see, jak. It'll probably be a few more months to finish since it has a knitted border to be done once the main part is knit.

    Glad to see you were finally able to get through here! I've had other complaints about it as well.

    Always nice to hear from you jak.

    P.S. Just a litte over a month to Rhinebeck!!


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