Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weaving wise... Autumn table runner

The handspun table runner is progressing rapidly. I do love working with my own yarn, what can I say? I've had a lot of uncertainties about this runner, from the choice of draft, to length, to width, to finishing. Some decisions will be made for me, i.e. length. I will continue until I run out of warp, or weft--whichever comes first!

I have a photo which I took after my first day of weaving. It's not a great photo, partly due to the fact that I had to get down under the warp to snap the pic. That's because the draft was written for a sinking shed loom. My loom is a rising shed type so to see the pattern on the working side I would have to reverse the tie up, but I didn't because it would have required too many tie-ups. So I decided to go ahead a weave it pattern side down.

It's been kinda fun to work it this way--the right side being hidden from view while I weave. Seeing the pattern side is a surprise, but I won't get the full effect--good or bad--until it's off the loom. Mystery and suspense!

The colors are working well together, I think. It's very red. The pattern has larger skips in it than I was aware of from viewing a picture of it, but I'm not bothered by this. It probably would not work so well in an article of clothing, but for the table, I think it's fine. Should finish up very nicely.

There is some wonky beating at the beginning (which is at the top of the picture). Took me 6" or more of weaving to learn the pattern and recognize which pics required a heavier beat. It's my estimation that this wonkiness will even out during the wet finishing stage.

It's not going to be perfect, but I think it will be nice. At this stage I'm experimenting, learning, making mistakes, experimenting, learning, making mistakes, experimenting, ... :)

The wool was purchased from Spinner's Hill and I spun it 2-ply.


  1. How are you little birds doing?

  2. Hi crafty1! The birds are doing fine. I shall have to write a catch-up post about them soon.... :)


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