Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weaving wise... an update

The scarf using my handspun yarn is finished and I'm pretty well pleased by it. I will not post pics until the recipient has received it, though. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. A few pics coming soon.

Next up: a handspun table runner. This will be using yarn I made from Spinner's Hill rovings. Some deep red for the warp and the variegated autumn colors for weft. Both of which I spun during TdF plus some more red that I've spun this past week. The draft I plan to use creates an almost bargello effect. I think this will make the most of the fact that the weft is variegated. I'll post pics when I get an inch or two woven. Only time will tell whether this is a good or no-so-good decision.

The kick spindle arrived and I had a few moments to give it a quick try out the other day. Most interesting! I'll have to get some real spinning time on it in order to do a full report. More to come on that.

The knitting project is proceeding well. A few more "toads" than I'd like, but good progress is being made. Maybe I should post a pic soon. "Toads" is my word for un-knitting just a row or two, or even just part of a row. Since "frogging" describes totally un-knitting something, I thought I'd call these small frogs "toads"! There is a rather nasty pool of color near the beginning of the piece but I'm letting it go. I was wondering earlier today whether taking a little bleach to that area in a controlled manner and spot-dyeing with matching colors would eliminate the pool or whether it would end up a total mess!? I'll have to day dream about that some more before undertaking the experiment.

Off to do some spinning!...

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