Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weaving wise... handspun table runner is done...

I wet finished it today. Weaving was done yesterday and I hemstitched the ends last night after work.

This has been an interesting experiment. As mentioned, I was unsure about using this draft. My feelings now that the scarf is complete and the results visible? To be honest I think there are probably better applications of this draft. Either using finer threads and/or a tighter sett. But having said that, I do love the result. The scarf has real presence. The red is RED and it does a good job of melding the variegated colors of the weft into the whole. It also has a lot of texture. Fine, lovely texture that works well in a table scarf, IMO.

Don't you think it looks slightly early 70s retro? I do, and I like that. Those were my high school years. :)

Specifics: Both yarns were spun from Spinner's Hill rovings, and both were spun 2-ply. The red warp measures about 16 wpi*, and the autumn colored weft measures about 14 wpi. The scarf was warped with 140 threads at 10 ends-per-inch: 14". Due to take-up and shrinkage the end product is 12.5" which is almost exactly the 10% that is usually calculated for take-up and wet finishing. Yippee! The finished length is 40.5". \

The draft is from Marguerite Porter Davison's "A Handweaver's Pattern Book'. It's Rose Path Project #1 (Sampler), #XIV, threading #3 by Berta Frey.

Here it is...

Those 3 pictures were taken with flash which gives a reasonably acurate depiction of the color. This next picture is without flash and it shows the texture a little clearer:

*WPI = how many threads lying side-by-side fill up the space of an inch. This picture shows the measurement of some blue merino/silk I spun up:


  1. good morning! Thanks for the comment on my blog post. No, our mayor didn't walk in the parade but was making himself known to the crowd by walking around and chatting.
    Your weaving is beautiful! One would think that since I am retired, I'd be going through fiber projects like crazy, but I guess I am not that organized. ;)
    Keep up the excellent work!


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