Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caught up ...

"Caught up." Funny phrase that: It could mean something awful or something wonderful.

I'm going to report on the wonderful. It's true I've got 'caught up' in the politics of our government's shutdown (who hasn't?, it's just natural after all) but I'd rather not take up too much space over it here ... other than to say I think the rift in Washington is indicative of a rift in the country. It almost seems that we are experiencing a "cold civil war". I hope the issue can find resolution before lasting damage is done.

Now for the something wonderful. I got 'caught up' on plying the 'walking yarn' this weekend. Hurray!

Plying has revealed that my walk spinning is pretty consistent. The second and third skeins are almost exactly the same length. The third was only about a foot short of the second. The first skein doesn't count because I had started it before my walks began. A total of 241 yards from nine walks, plus a little bit extra that was on the spindle at the start. Well that's encouraging!

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