Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Evening walk ...

It's been a stressful week and I've felt a bit overwhelmed. That is odd in a way because it's been a year since I was set on my journey to relocate and this is the first instance that I recall feeling overwhelmed in any noticeable measure. Frankly, I think the prospect of the government defaulting was sitting heavy, as I'm sure it was for most people. It would have been a catastrophe. So, feeling relieved this evening about that.

Since the contractors left, the new room has been waiting for me to finish up. Yes, the painting went smoothly and quickly but beyond that it's taken me some time to figure out what I want to put in the room and how I want to arrange things. Slowly--and surely--it's taking shape but progress has lagged, or seemly so. Maybe I'm just in a hurry. There is too the fact that after such-and-such painting and redoing as I've undertaken in other parts of the house, maybe I sorta wish the rest would just sort of magically happen! Heehee. Yes and no.

Today I laid the remaining vinyl on the floor and protected the window sills with scraps of lino. I've hung perches in each window--all different, and I've fashioned and attached the bird seed shelf to the wall along with a shelf over the door and another on one wall. There are 3 more shelves I'd like to put up; need to get strips to cover the floor seams; need to hang some nest boxes; get some hay. Then they can move in! At the moment I'm thinking it'll happen over the weekend.

Of course, there was also the laptop's crash to attend to this week: The drive was irrecoverable. My laptop is on it's way to NY to get a new disk, and over the weekend I bought a tablet called "Surface". It's what I'm on at the moment. All-in-all I'm more impressed with this thing than I thought I'd be. It is nice to have the touch screen, and switching between programs and my NY desktop is faster on this tablet. It's pretty cool.

After an hour in the bird room today the stress started to abate. I had a good cello lesson via Skype this morning and a great practice at the piano before that. Today feels like a turning point in the week. Things don't seem quite so hectic this evening. Ahhh, breathe and relax.

I took a walk earlier this evening and got some walking spinning in. Yes, the pace is settling back to "normal" tonight and it feels good.

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